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Foreign Affairs on the Death of Democracy
The new issue of Foreign Affairs magazine asks, “Is democracy dying£”  Editor Gideon Rose’s introduction says,”As a Latin American friend put it ruefully, ‘We’ve seen this movie before, just never in English.’”  What Rose fails to note is that English is less and less the language of political discourse in the United States, as Spanish […]
Multiculturalism in the US
The following is from Samuel Huntington’s 1993 essay in Foreign Affairs in reply to criticism of his 1991 essay. AMERICA UNDONE£ One function of a paradigm is to highlight what is important (e.g., the potential for escalation in clashes between groups from different civilizations); another is to place familiar phenomena in a new perspective. In this […]
Tillerson’s Firing
I think Tillerson is a good man, but I am not sorry to see him leave as Secretary of State.  He was better than Trump on foreign policy issues. He wanted to keep the Iran agreement; he wanted to negotiate with North Korea before Trump did; he was more concerned about climate change than Trump, […]
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