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Trump says his mother "loved Scotland" as he reflects on family at golf course
"Well, when your mother's born in a certain place, and I had a great mother, a beautiful, wonderful mother a tremendous heart, and she loved Scotland," president said
Intelligence chief says he meant no disrespect to Trump
DNI Dan Coats said some press coverage "mischaracterized" his intentions
Russian hacking "exceptionally capable and sophisticated" warns Brennan
Then-CIA Director John Brennan joined John Dickerson on "Face the Nation" for the September 11, 2016 broadcast. Brennan warned the U.S. needed to "be on guard for" Russian hacking.
Trump team waived attorney-client privilege on Cohen tape
Cohen secretly recorded a conversation he had with Mr. Trump in which they discussed a possible payment to a former Playboy model
Kavanaugh's lengthy paper trail could slow confirmation process
Kavanaugh has handed 110 pages to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but Democrats want to review his decades of legal work
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