San Diego Chargers
N.F.L. Picks Week 15: Steelers and Patriots Battle for A.F.C. Superiority
Pittsburgh has a shot at clinching home-field advantage in the playoffs. Big games in the A.F.C. West and N.F.C. West could help decide those divisions.
Hall of Fame Spot for Don Coryell Could Comfort Chargers Fans
Coryell, the longtime coach in San Diego, was one of the most important figures in transforming the N.F.L. into a pass-first league.
Team Relocations Keep N.F.L. Moving Up Financially
The Chargers’ announced move to Los Angeles will add even more money for owners amid growing uncertainties facing the league.
Congratulations, Los Angeles: You Now Have 2 Terrible Football Teams
On Thursday, the San Diego Chargers announced that they would join the Rams in the city next season.
Chargers Are Said to Be Moving to Los Angeles for Next Season
The team appears set to leave San Diego — for the city where it began play in 1960 — and to share a new $2.6 billion stadium with the Rams.
Browns Halt Their Streak of Futility by Outlasting the Chargers
Cleveland won its first game in more than a year when San Diego missed a 45-yard field goal that would have tied the game as time expired.
Raiders Move Up, Chargers Move Down and Both May Be Moving Out
This much is known: The Raiders are in the playoffs, and the Chargers are out. Where they will play in the future is an open question.
N.F.L. Owners Pave Way for Chargers and Raiders to Move
At a league meeting, owners showed signs of grudging support for relocating the teams to Los Angeles and Las Vegas as soon as next season.
How the San Diego Chargers Can Make the Playoffs
An interactive calculator that lets you explore the San Diego Chargers’ end-of-season scenarios like a champ.
San Diego Voters Reject Funding of New Chargers Stadium
The Chargers now must decide whether to pay for the stadium themselves, look for an alternative site elsewhere in the city, or move to Los Angeles.
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