Brooke and Jubal
Awkward Tuesday: Forbidden Trevynberries
Belsie needs to make an awkward phone call that could cripple one friendship but start a new relationship
Second Date: Todd and Dennis (Triple Trouble)
This arrangement is a tad bit... uncomfortable...
Phone Tap: You Didn't Wipe Down
You GOTTA wipe down
Phone Tap - Live Hold Music
Jubal calls a woman who believes her bank account was hacked, but Jubal isn't really taking the situation seriously.
Shock Collar Question - August 29
In 1967 the first restaurant inside of a strip mall opened up, which restaurant was it?
Second Date: Tiffany and Eric (Bloody Nose)
Tiffany is looking to redeem herself after her disastrous first date
Loser Line - August 28
Don't give that creep at the bar your number! Slip him the Loser Line number instead and we'll play his voicemail
Whatcha Doin' At The Courthouse? - August 28
We head down to the courthouse to ask the fine citizens hanging around the halls of justice a simple question
Phone Tap: Drill That Living Room
Time to tear that floor up...
Phone Tap: Pook Turns The Table
Big Pook needs a job... badly...
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