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Computer game addiction: 'I spend 20 plus hours a week gaming'
The World Health Organisation lists gaming addiction as a mental health condition for the first time.
The youngster challenging children's perceptions of disability
Paddy and his mum visit schools to help challenge children's perceptions of disability.
The common condition that has no cure
One in five women in the UK are thought to have PCOS, a condition for which there’s no cure.
Nottingham beauty therapists taught to spot skin cancer signs
There are more than 2,400 deaths from melanoma every year, according to Cancer Research UK.
World's first quadruplets born by Caesarean section turn 70
The Goods were the world's first surviving quads to be born by Caesarean section.
One-handed cookbook for stroke patients
Patients often lose the use of one of their arms, making everyday tasks more difficult.
How one woman coped when 13 years of caring ended
Helen Clues says she's now rebuilding a life after years spent caring for her parents and husband.
'I'll be broke if I live to 100'
Many older people are now paying for their own social care and say they'll be left short when the cash runs out.
'Miracle' Northampton teenager's Paralympic rugby dream
Kascie Higgins has excelled at wheelchair rugby, despite doctors giving him little chance of reaching his first birthday.
The 'Spider-Man' who cheers up sick kids in Nottingham
Dale Grounds first dressed up as the superhero to help his eight-year-old son Reece, who is autistic.
How to do a breast examination
Jennifer Rusby from The Royal Marsden shows how women should check themselves for breast cancer.
The cracker test that can show how well you digest carbs
Chewing a cracker for 30 seconds could reveal how well you tolerate foods like rice, pasta and bread.
Inside a huge medical-grade cannabis farm
Canada is on the verge of legalising marijuana for recreational use. The BBC visited a huge cannabis farm in British Columbia, which the operators say is the world's largest.
Tourette's boy is 'not making it up'
A family with two sons with Tourette's have suffered online abuse since appearing on TV.
Inside the secret world of Brazil's WhatsApp abortions
A messaging group seeks to help women who want to end a pregnancy.
Funding cuts means access to sexual health clinics 'tougher'
Liv from north Norfolk has to travel 25 miles to get to her nearest one.
Spider-Man mask makes cancer patient, 6, braver
Harry St Ledger has a brain tumour and wore a special mask during his radiotherapy.
'My mother tried to abort me'
Melissa Ohden was 14 when she learned she survived a failed abortion.
Tessa Jowell: Her last campaign
The late Dame Tessa Jowell successfully campaigned for better access to cancer treatment on the NHS after being diagnosed herself.
Pakistan's soaring rates of 'diabetic foot'
Every year tens of thousands of Pakistanis are forced to have amputations as a result of diabetes.
Do you know what you're smoking?
Many shisha bars have been selling illegal tobacco to unsuspecting customers despite authorities' efforts to crack down on the trade.
Baby's life saved by five-minute heart test
A five-minute heart test saved the life of a baby born at Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry.
Tramadol emboldens vigilantes to fight Boko Haram
Tramadol is meant to treat severe pain - but in Nigeria it's being used by fighters.
Five tips for your fussy eaters
Here's some advice from a psychologist based on scientific research.
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