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Indonesia Indicator For June 26
The good, the bad and the so-so policy moves and economic swings that impacted Indonesia this week.
One of Indonesia’s Richest Men Is Bullish on Commodity Processing
The head of one of Indonesia's largest investment companies, Peter Sondakh says he's selling off stakes in his palm oil plantation in the hope of moving toward processing, refining and trading.
How Indonesians Spend Time Online During Ramadan – The Numbers
E-commerce sites and mobile apps are drawing on data they’ve collected from users to better understand how and when people shop during the Islamic holy month. Here’s a look at some of what they’ve discovered.
Indonesians Say Waste Is Top Environmental Concern
All that burning rubbish in Indonesia may be taking its toll, with nearly a quarter of people surveyed in a recent poll saying waste management was the most prominent environmental issue in the country.
Indonesia Boosting Power Capacity by Cutting Red Tape
Indonesia needs to build up its power and transportation capacity to create jobs and grow the economy in the coming years – and it’s relying on a lot of foreign investment to do so.
Uber Breaks into Food Delivery in Indonesia for Ramadan
Ride-hailing application Uber is testing out its food delivery service in Muslim-majority Indonesia in an effort to gain users during the Islamic fasting month.
How Australians Look at Indonesia – The Numbers
Australians’ feelings toward Indonesia have fallen to their lowest point in a decade, a new survey showed. Here’s a look at a few other things Australians said they believe.
Garuda Deal Will Do Out With the Old, In With the New
Indonesia’s state-owned airline Garuda Indonesia has been operating for decades, but it likes to keep its fleet of aircraft young and intends to do so even as it expands its routes.
Q&A: Blue Bird Chief Talks Traffic, Tech and Entrepreneurship
Noni Purnomo, head of the largest taxi company in Indonesia, shares her views on the competition and the potential for Blue Bird to ease Jakarta’s traffic problem.
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