Justice minister denies bill removes protection for religious services
The federal justice minister is insisting a bill she tabled earlier this year to clean up the Criminal Code will not remove protections for religious services and officiants. Some members of Parliament have claimed it would do just that. The proposed legislation in question, Bill C-51, seeks to amend or remove a number of sections […]
Evening Brief: Godspeed, Gord
Tonight’s Evening Brief is brought to you by Seaspan. Seaspan is building ships for the Coast Guard and Navy and creating billions of dollars in Canadian economic activity. Over the first ten years of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, over $3B will be added to Canada’s GDP through Seaspan’s role.​ _______________________ Good evening to you. The […]
Gen. Jonathan Vance is getting a raise
Canada’s top soldier could earn a maximum of just under $300,000 thanks to an order in council this week bumping him up into a higher pay scale. Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Jonathan Vance, who has been with the Canadian Forces for 35 years and was promoted to his current role in July 2015, initially […]
Clock ticking on U.S. offer for Boeing made Super Hornet fighters
The Trudeau government has until the end of the year to decide on an offer for Super Hornet fighter jets, which remain on the table despite recent escalations in the bitter feud with aerospace giant Boeing. The U.S. government delivered a formal offer to sell the Boeing-made planes to Canada last month, after the Liberals […]
Quebec law on religious neutrality violates charter rights: Ontario
TORONTO – A new Quebec law on religious neutrality runs contrary to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and will lead to legal challenges, Ontario’s Liberal government said Wednesday, noting that it wasn’t considering similar legislation. Governments must respect a person’s right to express themselves and their religion, Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi said as […]
Do as we say, not as we do: The Liberals revert to type
Political parties project well-deserved stereotypes of themselves — earned through years of either governing the country or kvetching in opposition. The Conservatives — bless their tar paper souls — are petty, secretive, bullying and utterly doctrinaire in spirit if not always in practice. The NDP, having never tasted real power in its nearly 60 years […]
‘We are really shocked’ — China’s embassy responds to Manthorpe
iPolitics recently published an article entitled, ‘The dawn of a fascist China – and what it means for us’, by Jonathan Manthorpe. We are really shocked by this lurid headline. It is unimaginable that in today’s world of the 21st century, there is someone who goes so far as to use the word “fascist” to […]
Nenshi 3, Flames 0 — and Albertans again defy their hard-right reputation
EDMONTON — The dust has now settled on Alberta’s 2017 round of municipal elections, leaving the political landscape here looking much the way it did last week. Look a little closer, however, and some interesting patterns emerge — patterns that belie Alberta’s reputation as Canada’s right-wing redoubt. In Edmonton, turnout was low. Only 31.5 per […]
Top Tories back Hamish Marshall as 2019 campaign chair, despite Rebel ties
Andrew Scheer’s decision to appoint former Rebel Media director Hamish Marshall as the party’s campaign chair for 2019 is drawing fire from opponents, but Conservative strategists question whether they can maintain their outrage for long. “It will be made an issue, but is it really an issue£ The Liberals are going to focus on this […]
The Sprout: More tax changes, more NAFTA threats
The Sprout is brought to you by the Canada Organic Trade Association. COTA is the membership-based trade association for the organic sector in Canada. COTA manages the Choose Canada Organic consumer education program, deepening Canadian’s understanding and recognition of organics. Good afternoon and welcome to the Sprout, where your host hopes everyone is having a fantastic […]
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